[Reader-list] reg the Guwahati incident

Rajkamal Goswami rajkamalgoswami at gmail.com
Sun Jul 15 20:48:34 IST 2012

Dear list members

Hope you all have come across the sensational news about the
molestation incident in Guwahati. For those who haven't, I am
attaching the link:

While  comments, allegations, promises, demands, et al flies about,
all seems to be merged faithfully to the sensational mode and seems
more like a knee-jerk reaction.

As an Assamese, I felt that this incident can be used as an
opportunity to ask key questions about the perceived and expected role
of media in the whole issue. What is even more troubling, in the case
of Guwahati in particular, is that this is not the first incident.
There are atleast 2 more previous incidents which have similar
characteristics. A mob/group of people harassing/assaulting/lynching
helpless victims, particularly women. Many of you must be aware of the
Adivasi incident, which took place in broad daylight, amidst
policemen. What was morbid about that event was that no influential
individual/group publicly opposed the violence. Rather all of them
justified the mob violence on some pretext or other and the only
regret they seemed to have was that the incident attracted national
media which might have harmed the image of Assam in national
imagination. Next was the extreme cruel assualt of a Mizo woman by
five women and 3 men which didn't get much attention. It gave me a
feeling that current generation seem to be afflicted by a strange
misogynist violence and voyeurism en masse. The question is if such a
trait is restricted the Guwahati or is seen elsewhere too. Also there
seems to be an urgent urge among the proletariats to be news makers
rather than just news watchers.

The common disturbing thread in all these there incidents were that
the news-men were ready with camera rolling even before the assault
started giving an impression of their indirect involvement. In two
cases they even conducted interviews of the victim!  I strongly feel
that they should also be booked for aiding, abetting and being
accessories to the crime. In both the cases the culprits were
indulging excessively in exhibitionism in-front of the camera. As if
they were affected by some kind of performance anxiety and were under
pressure to perform well, in this case displaying worst kind of
hedonistic attitude and language, questioning the role of the media.
Since there are several persons with legal expertise, can such legal
action be taken against such media-houses and not just the individuals

Your views will be very useful.




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