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ISRO chief takes Mars mission replica to Tirupati, rationalists fume -

This is a very condemnable step that too by the ISRO chief "Dr K
Radhakrishnan for offering special prayers and performing pooja with
the replica of Mars Orbiter Mission at the Lord Venkateshwara temple
in Tirupati, a day before the successful launch of the spacecraft from

All educated people in the country should protest this move due to
several reasons I feel as cited below:-

1) This is a dangerous precedent set to millions of young students in
the country who are to become the enlightened and responsible citizens
of the country & also to lead the scientific, technological & research
fields in this country and for whom scientific temper (including
reasoning, objective analysis, rational outlook) should be the base.
There should be no surprise if more and more people lose their
scientific temper and resort to poojas and black magic for everything
including health problems, education etc. (now itself there are no
dearth in such practices although among educated people).

2) India is a Secular country meaning Religion has no role in the
affairs of conducting state & State doesn't have a religion. Also
State (including all its institutions whether educational, scientific,
industrial all institutions that is connected to State or use public
funds) should refrain from any sort of religious activity AND mainly
religion is a private affair of an individual.
Now not only is this maintained in any practice and every institution
you can find some or other religious symbols - making it a public
affair rather than a private affair. Now the top scientific research
institution also resorting to such affair means it seriously questions
the secular credentials of this country on which this country has been
built as part of freedom struggle.
The lecture from Supreme Court Lawyer Mihir Desai on "Secularism as a
Constitutional Right" - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0K8Pw9yXNxY

3) Now the prayers for the top scientific mission of this country
being taken to Tirupathi means the State is making prayer to Tirupathi
and that means State is following or its first priority is Hinduism.
This is not only blatant violation of Secularism but open
discrimination on grounds of religion when this country is inhabited
by Muslims, Christians, Sikhs, Sarna, Buddhists, Jains and many local
tribal and ethnic religions. This only proves the increasing
protesting voices from different communities and social activists that
India is becoming a Hindu State! And if this is the condition, it
affects the very concept of "Unity in Diversity" and could lead to the
collapse of the Indian State which was formed as part of the freedom

Hence this issue should be seriously understood by all progressive
minded people and register strong protests............

Thanks & Regards



A. Mani

A. Mani

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