[Reader-list] Why I am protesting in Delhi?

Zulfiqar Shah shahzulf at yahoo.com
Fri Nov 8 05:13:15 CST 2013

I am protesting since last 25 days in New Delhi, India. In the daytime, myself and Fatima give dharna outside
Press Club of India and in nights we stay at the Dharna Pardarshan pavement,
where most of the protesters stay usually. 
We are protesting against the following things: 

1) Pakistan High Commission
(PHC) is Delhi has interfered in our medical treatment for at least five months
in the hospitals of Delhi due to which the detoxification process could not be

2) PHC personnel have interrupted
our privacy and chased us in Delhi, of which we have noticed twice.

3) We are not being facilitated
with the bank account here in India due to which I cannot receive even my own
earned amount. 

4) Since we are UNHCR refugee,
therefore Pakistan has no legal right to further  persecute the refugee who was earlier
forcedly ousted by the Pak security agencies, persecuted and later on poisoned
in Kathmandu, Nepal. 
Here are the links of some English dailies of
India our protest: 

I will continue my protest until the issue is
not addressed appropriately. 
Zulfiqar Shah
New Delhi, India 
Mobile: +918376876614          

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