[Reader-list] KKSV's Protest Rally, Meeting and Burning the Effigy of the Mass Murderer Narendra Modi

Asit Das asit1917 at gmail.com
Fri Nov 15 01:33:35 CST 2013

 KKSV's Protest Rally, Meeting and Burning the Effigy of the Mass Murderer
Narendra Modi<https://www.facebook.com/events/535732679836316/?ref=25&source=1>

 Karnataka Komu Souhardha Vedike or Karnataka Communal Harmony Forum is an
organization formed with an objective of inculcating the values of
tolerance and co-existence between various religious communities. KKSV has
also committed itself to resist and protest inter-communal clashes and
organized targeted violence. KKSV is neither affiliated to any political
party as such. But it is deeply committed to the values of secularism,
socialism and democracy -- in other words the defining parameters of our

On 17th November 2013, the most insidious creature whose presence warrants
people’s protests for all his anti-people accomplishments in the name of
development and hindutva is coming to Bangalore as part of his larger
campaign of considering the people of this state as merely “chickens bought
in a farm”(No insult to chickens), to inject into our minds his mindless

So, as part of our Campaign, KKSV is holding a PROTEST MARCH from Bannappa
Park, Bangalore to Town Hall Bangalore at 10.30am and a PROTEST MEETING
infront of TOWNHALL followed by BURNING THE EFFIGY OF “Genocidal narendra

Join us in solidarity

Please Note: As part of the State Wide Campaign, we are holding protests in
13 different districts across the state. On 15th protests are held at
Bhadravathi, Sagara, Chikmanglur, Mangalore and Udupi. On 16th Protests are
held at Shimoga, Davanagere, Raichur, Gangavathy, Bellary, Sindnur, Mandya
and Mysore.

Please feel free to contact us at souharda.vedike at gmail.com


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