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Dear Reader list members,
In continuation of last weeks screening of CAMP's films at FD zone, we
present Hum Logos, a text and audio film. Do join us for the screening and
discussion, if in Bombay.



7th September 2013, Saturday 4 pm @ Films Division, Mumbai

*‘**Closely Guarded Phone calls**’**

This week's program continues from last week's ‘Of watching and Being
Watched’. Network technologies like cellphones for example, offer a sense
of equity and privacy internally, but at the same time offer unparalleled
opportunity of surveillance. Governments can and do "wiretap" whom they
wish, when they wish, protected by barriers of secrecy. Sometimes, things
leak. We are facing many questions, as increasingly such intrusions are
being legislated. Where are the new ethical lines drawn? How aware are we that
we are being listened to?

See for example:


*CBI /19 min / 1973 / Films Division*

The Central Bureau of Investigation traces its origins to the Special
Police Establishment (SPE) established in 1941. The functions of the SPE
were to investigate bribery and corruption in transactions with the War and
Supply Department of India, set up during World War II. Its motto is
"Industry, Impartiality, Integrity". Its mission is 'To uphold the
Constitution of India and law of the land through in-depth investigation
and successful prosecution of offences; to provide leadership and direction
to police forces and to act as the nodal agency for enhancing inter-state
and international cooperation in law enforcement '. The 19 min. film gives
an insight to its functioning and encourages citizens to help CBI by
reporting any wrong doing.

*Act II: Hum Logos / 45 mins / 2012 / CAMP*
*Hum Logos is a film, based on the Radia Tap(e)s. These tapes have been
described as essential listening for anyone wanting to be a journalist in
India. Debates around the tapes and their authenticity have often asked
whether they were edited or not, whether they were "spliced" or "fake".
This work asks instead, what further editing or rearrangement might do. Or
what could we hear, in another composition. We are led to a different kind
of experience from, on the one hand, voyeuristic bytes replayed endlessly
on TV and on the other the "data" that has thus far become available. In
the film, a broad spectrum of rhetorical devices: lies, cries, memes,
schemes, pen drives, bad networks and family feuds, can be heard pulsing
through the nervous system of Indian democracy.
See also:

Hum Logos has been exhibited at the New Museum New York, the Gwangju
Biennale (with Korean translation) and the National Gallery of Modern Art
(NGMA) Delhi, among other screenings.

*About CAMP*
*CAMP (camputer.org) is a collaborative studio founded in Bombay in 2007 by
Shaina Anand, Sanjay Bhangar and Ashok Sukumaran. CAMP's artworks and films
are technically intensive and conceptually challenging, and have been
exhibited around the world at major art venues in recent years. From their
home base in Chuim village, CAMP are co-initiators of the online footage
archive http://pad.ma/<http://www.facebook.com/l.php?u=http%3A%2F%2Fpad.ma%2F&h=vAQF6B9NF&s=1>,
the new cinema archive
the Wharfage project on the Indian Ocean, and a constellation of other
projects, events and symposia they host. Their recent feature documentary
>From Gulf to Gulf to Gulf was awarded a jury special mention on its
festival premiere at FID Marseille last month.

RR Theatre
10th Floor
Films Division
Pedder Road

*Future Program @ "THE fd ZONE"*
Sept 14, 2013
Final Solutions by Rakesh Sharma

*Other events by FD Zone*

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Chennai -- Aug 23 to aug 26
Thrissur -- Aug 29 to 31
Pondicherry -- Sept 2 to Sept 5
Hyderabad -- Sept 7 to Sept 12
Pune --- Sept 20 to Sept 22
Delhi --- Sept 27 to Sept 29


*"THE fd ZONE" team*

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