[Reader-list] Independence………..????

Asit Das asit1917 at gmail.com
Wed Sep 11 04:02:18 CDT 2013


* *

*Whose independence you are celebrating?*

*while we (women) are harassed tortured*

*molested, raped and killed brutally*

*Every moment in this country…..*

* *

*While we are sold as commodities*

*while you preserve the age old in the market feudal*

*“Deudari system” in G.B. Road. Sonagachi, Malisahi……*

*Saying “sex workers”*

*Whose independence are you celebrating……..*

* *

*While you burnt down my houses*

*slaughtered my children……..*

*You paraded naked my mothers and sisters*

*Gang raped and lynched brutally*

*saying “UNTOCHABLE”*

*Whose independence you are celebrating???*

* *

*While you drove out us from our home*

*destroyed our lives, land and forest*

*made us beggars and commodities*

*for your “DEVELOPMENT”*

*killed us saying “MAOIST, NAXALISTS”*

*Whose independence are you celebrating???*

* *

*While you lynched my unborn baby*

*slashing womb of her mother in Gujrat,*

*Kandhamal, Bihar, Delhi….*

*Demolished my Masques, Churches and Gurudwaras*

*Hanged me saying “TERROROST”*

*Whose independence are you celebrating ??????*

* *

*While you raped in Kashmir, Manipur, Assam, Nagaland*

*You raped Chhatisgarh, Jharkhand and Odisha……*

*Whose Independence are you celebrating??????*

* *

*-- Untouchable India, (JNU)*

* *

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