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Press Release:
Concern: Support "Shoah Film Collection" in Lithuania

For the manifestation of Shoah Film Collection - http://sfc.engad.org
in Lithuania as - A Virtual Memorial Vilnius 2013
23 September - 1 November 2013
standing under the Patronage of the European Parliament

the crowdfunding campaign on IndieGoGo - http://igg.me/p/434062/x/3589375
needs all your encouragement and support,
not only in financial concern, but your votes and clicks on the campaign page
will be supportive, as well. Please spread the word.

The introducing video can be also reviewed on Vimeo
https://vimeo.com/68036770 - and YouTube - http://youtu.be/w2T95Ox6M7w

 As an international media art & peace initiative, SFC - Shoah Film Collection was
founded in 2010 by the Cologne based media artist and curator Wilfried Agricola de Cologne
addressed to young generations of artists and film makers to deal with the topic of Shoah (Holocaust)
by using new technologies and contemporary approaches in order to keep vivid the collective trauma by sensitizing people via art. For presenting SFC  to a wider audience, a presentation context has been created, entitled: "A Virtual Memorial - Commemorative Interventions" - placing the outstanding collection of meanwhile more than 50 art films and videos into the context of complementary interventions like lectures, a symposium, screenings, exhibitions,performances, a concert, artists presentations, talks and discussions - in order to activate the artists, as well as the audience, so that people can
find a personal approach to the Holocaust via self-identification. While each personality is including the dark side of human nature, the Holocaust is considered to be the worst possible manifestation of this dark side, which therefore may happen again at any time at any place, if we are not very careful, and genocides and crimes against humanity happen before our very eyes,even these days. The "credo" of Shoah Film Collection as a initiative for peace and reconciliation is:  The Holocaust must not happen again! Never More!

The manifestation of Shoah Film Collection in Lithuania is suffering from the general lack of funding.
Due to the internation financial crisis and the fact that Lithuania is a poor country and the hosting institutions in Vilnius - Jewish Cultural Center and - Kedainiai - Regional Museum  - have only a small budget available which allows just  a minimal kind of project realisation, while for essential parts of the interventions additional external funding needs to be found.

Unfortunately the current funding structures in Europe are not made for that kind of internationally operating art project from Germany dealing with the Holocaust to be realised in Lithuania. However as an alternative, the new type of community based crowdfunding is representing a most promissing way to find the required additional funding. But by organising this project, additionally still existing discriminating stereotypes need to be overcome, which is requiring much more power and energy to motivate and activate people to support the campaign financially.

For the supporter and donator of this campaign, a lot of gifts in form of art works or art related works are available as a compensation, which makes it very attractive to support the international initiative for Peace and Reconciliation and show solidarity.

SFC is releasing each year a new call for submissions addressed to artists and film makers,
and the call for 2013 is extended the deadline to 31 July 2013
The regulations and entry form can be found on http://www.nmartproject.net/netex/?p=1549

crowdfunding campaign on IndieGoGo

Shoah Film Collection Blog

Shoah Film Collections Videos

A Virtual Memorial - Commemorative Interventions

Wilfried Agricola de Cologne
artvideoKOELN - artvideo (at) koeln.de

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