[Reader-list] repeat gang rapes of dalit girl students of haryana

Asit Das asit1917 at gmail.com
Thu Sep 26 01:57:36 CDT 2013

*Dalit girl gang raped, no arrest yet in Haryana*

HO of Ellenabad station refused to register rape complaint

Rubbing salt into their wound, the Station House Officer of a police
station in Haryana’s Sirsi district refused to register a complaint of rape
made by relatives of a 19-year-old Dalit girl, who was gang-raped on
Saturday allegedly by three boys from the dominant caste, all known to her.
None of the accused has been arrested yet.

In fact, “when the girl mentioned the names of the boys, a woman police
officer intimidated her into not revealing their names,” said Rajat Kalsan,
advocate with Human Rights Law Network, who gave her version of the

The first B.A student was was waiting at a bus stop on her way to college
when the three boys, riding a car, offered to give her a lift. But they
took her to an isolated spot and took turns to rape her. Then they drove to
another location and were attempting to rape her again when one of the boys
got a call on his cellphone.

“The caller said the relatives of the girl had gone to the police and they
[the boys] might get into trouble,” Mr. Kalsan told The Hindu. On hearing
this, the boys forced her to take a sedative and drove off.

The girl’s relatives later found her unconscious at a secluded location and
went to the Ellenabad police station but the SHO refused to register a
complaint of rape.

When the relatives and local activists protested, an FIR was filed under
Section 365 (kidnap) of the Indian Penal Code. hindu

my appeal to the left and democratic movents

 t is really unfortunate for the subaltern women in india that even after
months of the delhi gangrape and the high  decible and visibly movement and
campaign against sexual viloence eqally capigned by media the protests
against gangrape in wionters comprised of all sections of society but
overwhelmmingly  middle class every politcal party from left to right
participated in that protest as a result verma commitee was set up and
stringent laws were passed against sexual violence and harrasment but if
one looks  at the lived realities of subaltrn women that high profile
campaign didnt make any difference to poor working , class women, women of
the opressed natinalities, muslim women, adivasi and dalit women during
thosr high profile protest in delhi 19 dalit women were gang raped in
haryana but it went unreported and the high profile protest also didnt take
up this issue of rape of dalit women and the relationship between sexual
viloence and caste recently one dalit girl student was gangraped and
murdered  in jind haryana but the police declared it suicide and rape was
not commited
 this gang rape of the dalit student in sirsa and the refusal of the police
to file a case invoking rape laws clealt exposes the castist nature of the
indian state so bourgiuos feminists, ngos,media, right wing womens
organistaions are not going to take up the issue of sexual viloence on
dalit women so it is imperative that a principled joint front of left and
democratic organisations are formed  aginst atorcities on dalits and sexual
vilolence on dalit women

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