[Reader-list] The Saddest Weeks In The Environmental History Of India

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yoga teaches us 'how to live in harmony with the nature'. you can not understand that because you always look at MODI with jaundiced eye. may be it is every 'secular's need'  to confront with MODI without which it seems they can not prove their 'secular credentials'.  

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 Subject: [Reader-list] The Saddest Weeks In The Environmental History Of	India
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 The Saddest Weeks In The
 Environmental History Of India
 Mr. Modi’s recent speech
 which received a standing ovation from the Indian delegation
 in a largely
 empty United Nations General assembly, is a representation
 of our
 collective ignorance. The popularly elected Prime Minister
 hinted that yoga
 is a way to mitigate climate change. One is not sure whether
 he was
 ridiculing the threat of climate change or mocking the
 ancient science of
 Yoga. This is not the first time Mr. Modi has shown his
 ignorance about
 climate change. His past statements are well documented
 where he declared
 climate is not changing, our lifestyle is.
 A request out of utter humour was posted on the Indian Youth
 Climate Network
 Page – *“Our sincere
 requests to our ‘popular’ Prime Minister- please don’t
 make unnecessary
 linkages. Yoga is good for health but definitely not a
 strategy of
 mitigating climate change. Changing in lifestyle as you
 stated is needed
 and should start from your own very self, maybe you should
 learn from your
 counterpart in Uruguay. Too much to ask for, is it?!”*
 received absurd
 responses, which were later removed by the admin.
 Many of them actually made connections between yoga and
 climate change
 mitigation. According to one of the commentator, yoga helps
 to still the
 mind, and that ways we can face climate change. Most people
 who read it
 were not able to make any sense of it. It shows our
 collective ignorance
 and failure of scientific understanding. Continued
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