[Reader-list] In the background of moral policing in Kerala

Ajin K Thomas kajinthomas at gmail.com
Tue Oct 28 09:02:27 CDT 2014

Events have come about to such an extreme in Kerala that we are forced to
express the idea of India within a completely fascist framework. A group of
BJP workers who belongs to the organization Yuva Morcha, which is the youth
wing of BJP in Kerala, vandalized a restaurant in Calicut, Kerala on Oct
23rd alleging immoral activities in the shop. The attack, led by Prakash
Babu, state general secretary of the Bharatiya Janata Yuva Morcha came
after a video of students displaying affection appeared in a
Congress-backed TV channel *Jaihind TV*. A private channel being a
co-conspirator in the attack is shocking to say the very least. The video
footage serves as an intrusion into individual privacy and the attack is
clearly in conflict with the idea of a democratic India.

While the Yuva Morcha sets in arguments on the basis of majoritarianism
alone, their allegations are yet to be proved credible. As a response a
group of Individuals have come together and organized a 'Kiss Day' on Nov 2
to be held in Marine Drive, Kochi. However, the Kochi city police
commissioner K G James said police would not allow the kissing event. This
atrocity has to be strictly viewed in parallel with the state going forward
with an aggressive policy of policing, which included the arrest of a
student for not standing up for that national anthem a few weeks before.

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Ajin K Thomas
Malappuram, Kerala

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