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Subject: Ghosts of Shakespeare Festival - 2015, "The Idiot's Tale"
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The Arshinagar Project takes great pleasure in inviting all our friends to
The Ghosts of Shakespeare Festival - 2015, "The Idiot's Tale".

Ghosts of Shakespeare is an annual fringe festival that we have been
organizing since 2012. It is meant to confront the world of Shakespeare
from the vantage of contemporary subjectivities and lived experience, as
well as spaces that can be called primordial or mythical. It is meant to
exist, both physically and metaphorically, in marginal spaces. This means
that it intends to explore non-traditional venues, including open and
public spaces, as well as to reach out to genres other than traditional
‘Shakespearean’ theatre, such as dance, ritual theatre, performance art,
street performance and other forms and genres which defy any easy
categorization. It looks at Shakespeare as a talisman of humanistic
articulation, and hence embraces artistic actions that express disturbing
and perhaps unpopular truths about the world and times we inhabit.

For the 2015 edition, sub-titled “The Idiot’s Tale”, we will look at solo
performances. Through this device, we are essentially looking at the figure
of the solitary human being in front of the universe. The magnificence as
well as the ludicrousness of the human condition was a theme that obsessed
Shakespeare, and he returns to it again and again, perhaps seldom as
poetically as in Macbeth’s last, great soliloquy. It could be said that his
greatest works are constructed around lonely, titanic figures who are at
the same time acutely aware of their own absurdity, and that of life in

We have with us six fantastic pieces by Kolkata based collective SODM, Dr.
Dimple Kaur from Delhi, Diniz Sanchez from Portugal, Aritra Sengupta,
Jyothirmayi N. Kurup and
Chirantan and Arni

We begin on the 23rd of April at Kamal Kutir, the workspace of The
Arshinagar Project, with "Waiting for Ferdinand" by performance collective
SODM from Kolkata; and "If It Be Love Indeed, Tell Me How Much?" by Dr.
Dimple Kaur from Delhi. (please note that Dr. Kaur's performance was
originally scheduled for the 25th of April at Alternative Living Theatre
but will now take place on the 23rd ).
On the 24th, we will move to Alliance Francaise du Bengale, where Diniz
Sanchez from Portugal will perform Tutu Be or Not Tutu Be - Questions about
Homlet, a culinary performance, in his performative persona of Spicy
Tutuboy; and Aritra Sengupta from Kolkata will present Iago - The Sadistic
On the 25th, we will move to Alternative Living Theatre, Madhyamgram. The
details of the performances on the 25th will be announced soon.
We will close the festival on the 26th at Theatre for Experiments in New
Technologies with "A Silent Roar" by Jyothirmayi N. Kurup from Kerala and
"Death, Ghost, Destiny and the Tale", a unique performance diptych
comprising two parallel performances by Chirantan Mukhopadhya and Arni
Entry to all events is free. Your voluntary contributions are deeply
appreciated and will be passed on to the artists. Ghosts of Shakespeare is
a zero-budget festival - all our venue partners have offered their spaces
free of charge and the artists have borne their own travel expenses and are
performing without any fees. Your contributions will enable us to offer
them a token acknowledgement of their work.

For more details on the performances, timings and direction to venues,
please log on to http://thearshinagarproject.in

This year's edition is supported by Alliance Francaise du Bengale
, Tent - Theatre for Experiments in New Technologies
Cultural Institute of Portugal & Alternative Living Theatre.

For details, please call +919831731422/ +918697919308

Also Coming Up:

In other news, Arka Mukhopadhyay will be presenting his solo performance,
"If It Be Now - Fragments and Impressions of Hamlet", at Padatik Theatre,
Kolkata, on May 6th at 7:30 PM. The piece has been presented at the
Ekaharya Festival, Kochin and Thrissur School of Drama, among other places;
and is scheduled to travel to Singapore and Europe later in the year.
Tickets for the performance are priced at 200/-. For details/ reservations,
call +919831731422

First Annual Work-Session of The Arshinagar Project

We are also happy to announce the preliminary call for expressions of
interest for the First Annual Open Work-Session of The Arshinagar
Project, which
will take place from August 17th to 26th at Tepantar Theatre Village, West
Bengal, India.

Open to performers (actors, classical and contemporary dancers musicians
interested in exploring the body) and other practitioners of embodied forms
like martial arts, yoga etc.; students of theatre and other allied forms,
as well as photographers, architects and others interested in the body in
performance and its relationship with space; this will be an introduction
to Sahrudaya, our philosophy and approach towards performance, which refers
to the performer in a state of grace, 'of one heart' with his/ her interior
self, with the co-creator and the space/ witnesses. While drawing upon
Kalaripayattu and other forms, the approach primarily focuses on the
organic human being, through a primary awareness of the breath and inner
rhythm. It aims to awaken the performer to a state of presence and

We will work with fragments of text from Rabindranath Tagore's "The Post
Office" (in the original Bengali as well as in English translation).

We will also explore musical material in the form of Bauls songs as well as
songs composed by Tagore, which can be said to constitute a modern
'tradition' in themselves.

The work will be led by Arka Mukhopadhyay, founder, The Arshinagar Project,
while the vocal and singing work will be led by Uttam Das Baul; in
collaboration with other work leaders.

The cost of the ten day residency, including stay and food, facilitation
and transport from Shantiniketan railway station to the venue and back, is
11,000/-. There will be one full and one half scholarship.

The number of participants is limited to twelve.

If you are interested or want to find out more, please e-mail us on:
thearshinagarproject at gmail.com with the subject line, "August Open Session"

We have more exciting events coming up in Bangalore in May. Stay tuned for
our next announcements!

Love and Light,
Team Arshinagar

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