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Subject: Upcoming Kalaripayattu Sessions at Atta Galatta from July 20th

Dear friends,
         The next workshop in our monthly series of workshops on
southern style Kalaripayattu with Voice-Movement Improvisation will
take place at Atta Galatta from the 20th of July.

There will be two batches:

Morning Batch - 8:00 AM to 9:30 AM, July 20th - 27th

Evening Batch - 7:30 PM to 9:00 PM, July 20th - 25th, July 27th - 28th
(no session on the 26th)

Individual sessions: 300
All five sessions: 2,100/-

The workshop will cover the basic movements of the southern style of
Kalaripayattu, and each session will also culminate in guided as well
as free-form improvisation with body and voice. It is open to anyone
who's fifteen and above, regardless of training or experience.

Please contact: +919831731422 or mail to: thearshinagarproject at gmail.com

Kalaripayattu with Movement and Voice:

The session will be based on the basic forms of the southern style of
Kalaripayattu. Among the oldest forms of martial arts in the world,
the entirely Indian martial art form of Kalaripayattu is based on
ancient knowledge of the physical and spiritual aspects of the human
body. Through organic movements comprising stretches, lunges and
twists, it enhances breath focus, and thus gives stillness, grounding
and centring; leading to greater self-awareness and an awakening of
the inner, creative potential. In this session, open to all, we will
work with the basic movement sequences of the southern style of
Kalaripayattu, which focus on the four cardinal directions. Along with
Kalari, we will work on structured and free-form guided improvisation
with movement and the voice, to create a sense of holistic, joyful,

The workshop is open to actors, dancers, teachers, sportspeople and
anyone above fifteen wanting to explore in depth the connection
between body, mind and spirit.

About the facilitator:
Arka Mukhopadhyay is a physical performer, teacher and independent
researcher, whose work draws upon various performing, martial and
spiritual forms of practice. He is the founder of the Kolkata based
collective, The Arshinagar Project, and his performances, workshops
and talks have taken him all across India and abroad.

Registrations need to be done by the 19th of July.

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