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Dharma v/s Dhamma

“*There is a major difference between Buddha’s Dhamma & Krishna’s Dharma.
Buddha’s Dhamma stood for compassion for all, Krishna’s Dharma placed
brother against the brother and preached revenge and vengeance as a way of

Buddha questioned everything to the core. He shook the status quo. His
Dhamma (Dharma) was constant reflection and based on question marks. He
refrained from becoming ultimate authority on matters concerned. He only
directed the seekers to the path. According to him, seekers have to find
their own answers which became stations of human conscience over a period
of time. He never accepted any answer until and unless it satisfied the
framework of compassion and empathy. His theory of Karma made an individual
responsible for societal failures and successes. This threatened the social
order proposed by Dharma Shastras. Bhagwat Gita was a response to Buddha’s
theory of Karma and Dhamma. It was a retort of clergy class to Sramanic
traditions which preached non-violence and equality. Krishna commanded
Arjuna to kill all his relatives as that was the Varna Dharma of a
Kshatriya and gave a dubious justification, according to which killing is
justified by a Kshatriya as a form of revenge and vengeance. Continued
here... <https://maleccha.wordpress.com/2015/07/29/dhamma-vs-dharma/>



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