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The Arshinagar Project

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*The Arshinagar Project at Four *

Our Journey began on July 30, 2011, with a Spoken Word workshop conducted
by artist and activist Tatiana Chaterji. Today, No longer a toddler, we are
now in the country of childhood, playing on the shores of the world's
ocean. Through the last four years of our infancy, we have through trial
and error and slow degrees, tried to foster a community of alternative
practice in research, creation and pedagogy in the performing arts. As we
look at the world with still wonder-struck eyes, we continue to deepen this
practice. We thank all who have participated in and nurtured our journey -
Tatiana Chaterji, American Centre, Kolkata, Modern Academy of Continuing
Education, John Britton, Kartikeya Jain, Proscenium Art Centre, Bibhaban,
our friends at Prosthaan, Maja Drobac, Promona Sengupta, Manjari Kaul,
Arpit Singh, Greeny Francis, Priyankar Das, Avik Chakraborty, Ananya
Kanjilal, Abhirupa Haldar, Bibhash Mukherjee, Tandrima Ray Bhattacharya,
Studio 21, Ebong Amra, Syv Bruzeau, Rhizome Lee, Francesca Fini, Diniz
Sanchez, Renu Ramanath, Jean-Jacques Lemetre, ICCR, Alliance Francaise du
Bengale, Earth Care Books and Resource Centre, Alternative Living Theatre,
Amrita Mondal, Budhan Theatre, Atelier Theatre, Sachin Gurjale, Arijit
Mukhopadhyay, Suparna Sengupta, Moushumi Bhowmick, Anik Banerjea, Atta
Galatta, Anna Olkinuora, Best of Kolkata Campus, Pradip Chattopadhyay
Singapore Drama Educators Association and many, many other friends. We look
forward to continuing many of these friendships, and to forging new ones.

Like every year, this year too we are marking our birthday with a small
festival that creates a platform for alternative articulations in
performance. Presenting IV Arshinagar Utsob - Strange Factory:

*"Dil Doriyar Majhe Re Bhai, Achhe Mojar Karkhana" - *"Amid the ocean of
the heart, lies a strange factory", goes a song by Lalon Phokir, which the
legendary baul singer, Subal Gosai had made his own.

The mind is an ancient and famous capital", wrote Delmore Schwartz. Perhaps
cities are bodies too, and like bodies, they contain memories and stillborn
dreams. In the brutal furnaces of the great cities of the world, of
Calcutta, New York, Rome, Rio, Karachi, Lahore;generations upon generations
are smelted and their essence turned into fuel for the great System. Yet
poets lurk the streets - Jibanananda Das, Kundera, Auden. In secret,
moonlit rooms lovers meet. Rivers run under the skin of the streets,
conjured by the fingers of the moon. We play peek-a-boo into each other's
mirrors. Somewhere in the heart of the city lies a garden of earthly
delights. All cities are, perhaps, shadows of mirror city - Arshinagar.

Let's celebrate - Strange Factory.

We begin this evening at the Alliance Francaise du Bengale, Park Mansion,
Park Street. Italian artist Silvia Vona, who calls both Rome and Kolkata
her home and also 'lives' both in the body of Odissi dance as well as
contemporary movement, will present "Between Rome and Kolkata",
articulating through performance the experience of 'embodying' these two
cities. Supriyo Samajdar of the experimental theatre company Bibhaban will
speak on 'Walking with Grotowski on the Streets of Kolkata". Arka
Mukhopadhyay of The Arshinagar Project present sketch our journey till now,
partly through words and partly through the body, in an improvisational
presentation called The Moving Shall Not Fall. There will be singing and
On the 1st of August, Natakvalas from Mumbai will present "Antarnaad", a
melange of prose and poetry meditating on urban-ness, at the IIM, Kolkata.
Performer Vinu Joseph from Kerala will roam the streets of Kolkata between
the 6th and the 8th of August, in his bouffon persona Dr. Vikadan. Finally,
on August 9th, movement artist Chandana Sarma from Hyderabad will present
Peek-a-Boo, a performance that explores the act of seeing. There will also
be a special performance from The Arshinagar Project with Lahore and
Kolkata based artist Maham Suhail, and Dimple Kaur from Delhi. For details
on the venues and timings and to keep track of the events as they unfold,
please visit the facebook event page

Upcoming International Workshop Residencies:

As we enter our fifth year, we are going deeper into our mission of
fostering a community of alternative practice in research, creation and
pedagogy in the performing arts. To that end, we are happy to announce the
following three deeply immersive rural workshop residencies, all of which
will take place in the verdant environs of Tepantar Theatre Village,
Satkahuniya, West Bengal, run by our friends from the theatre group, Ebong

1) *The Naked Actor - First Annual Worksession of The Arshinagar Project*

Strip the actor of plot
Of story, of narrative
Of the words of another
Of costumes
Of chairs and tables and tea-cups
Of the set-maker's artifice
Of make up and painted-faces
Of all mannerisms, all pretensions
Of technique, craft, process
Of aesthetics, of prettiness
Of every hiding place
Of every last shred of covering
Of everything but muscles and bone
lymph and blood
Only the primal sound
Only the breath
And then we are ready to begin

We are happy to announce our first annual worksession, The Naked Actor,
which will be led by Arka Mukhopadhyay in collaboration with movement
artist and choreographer Chandana Sarma and the young master performer from
the Baul tradition, Uttam Das Baul and will take place from August 22nd to
31st. The workshop will be based on *Sahrudaya, *our approach to
performance creation which draws upon Indian performative sources such
as *Kalaripayattu
*and *Baul *practice. It will be a deep immersion in rigorous work on the
actor's body, mind and imagination, through which we search for an organic,
autonomous presence. We are accepting registrations for the workshop till
August 10th. Full details can be found here

2) *VI° **International Work-Session of Rags of Memory International
Performing Arts Project - Stages of Life*

We are greatly excited about our new partnership with the celebrated
Italian physical theatre company, Instabili Vaganti
who will be visiting India for a month in between August 25th and September

They will be leading the VI° International Work-Session of Rags of Memory
International Performing Arts Project - Stages of Life, at Tepantar Theatre
Village, between September 3rd and 9th. After previous iterations in Italy,
Mexico and Korea, this'll be a rare opportunity for performers in India to
experience first-hand the pedagogical practice of one of the most
innovative and exciting experimental companies in contemporary theatre
practice. We are right now accepting applications from actors, dancers,
musicians, as well as visual artists, filmmakers, photographers and
research scholars from any part of the world for this worksession. To know
more, go here

Instabili Vaganti will also be presenting their celebrated performance,
Made in Ilva, at different cities in India. This'll be the first leg of the
Made in Ilva world tour 2015. They shall perform at National School of
Drama, New Delhi on August 30th, ICCR Auditorium, Kolkata on September
11th, and Jagriti, Bangalore on September 15th. To know more about the
timings and availability of passes, please follow our facebook page
Instabili Vaganti's tour is jointly organized by the Istituto Italiano di
and The Arshinagar Project
and is supported by IRIS Home Fragrances
We are thankful to both the IIC and Iris for their support.

3) *Actor-Chorus-Text : International Workshop Residency with Anna-Helena

>From November 16th to 22nd, we will be hosting Anna-Helena Mclean, founder
and director of UK based company Moonfool
former principal member of legendary Polish theatre company Gardzienice.
Anna-Helena will lead Actor-Chorus-Text, a rigorous and joyful immersion in
her acclaimed training methodology that has been sourced through extensive
practical research on Shakespeare's plays and sonnets.

Out of the twenty places available for this workshop, we have nine more to
offer to participants from throughout the world.

For more details, please go here

*Monthly Kalari-Voice-Bodywork Workshops in Bangalore:*

We shall continue with our monthly workshops on southern style *Kalaripayattu
*with voice and bodywork with Arka Mukhopadhyay in Bangalore. In addition
to our regular sessions at Atta Galatta, we are also taking our work
to Dance360
reach out to residents of Banaswadi, Kamanahalli, Kalyannagar and Hennur
areas. The workshop will be between Aug 13th and 17th, 11:00 AM to 12:30
Fee: Individual sessions 300, whole workshop (five sessions) 1,200.
For information, call: +919831731422 or +918697919308 or e-mail:
thearshinagarproject at gmail.com with the subject line, "Kalari at dance360.in
How to register: When you contact us, we'll send you our bank details by
e-mail. You can also directly register over the counter at Dance360. Call
them on +917676360360 or 08065650360 or whatsapp: 9035360360.

In addition, we'll have our regular monthly session at Atta Galatta between
August 13th and 18th, 8:00 AM to 9:30 AM. You can directly register over
the counter at Atta Galatta. Please contact them on +919632510126.
Otherwise get in touch with us on the above-mentioned contact details and
we'll give you the bank details.

There may be one or two more simultaneous workshops at the same time, at
different venues and timings in Bangalore. We'll update you soon.

Much Love,
Team Arshinagar

© 2015 The Arshinagar Project, All rights reserved.*
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