[Reader-list] The Cuban People Will Overcome by Fidel Castro

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The Cuban People Will Overcome
by Fidel Castro

*Remarks by the leader of the Cuban Revolution, Fidel Castro Ruz, during
the closing of the 7th Party Congress

It constitutes, compañeros, a superhuman effort to lead any people in times
of crisis.  Without them, the changes would be impossible.  In a meeting
such as this, which brings together more than a thousand representatives
chosen by the revolutionary people themselves, who delegated their
authority to them, for all it represents the greatest honor they have
received in their lives, to which is added the privilege of being a
revolutionary which is the product of our own consciousness.

Why did I become a socialist, or more plainly, why did I become a
communist?  That word that expresses the concept most distorted and
maligned in history by those who have the privilege of exploiting the poor,
dispossessed ever since they were deprived of all the material wealth that
work, talent, and human energy provide.  How long has man lived in this
dilemma, throughout time without limit?  I know you do not need this
explanation but perhaps some listeners do.

I speak simply so it is better understood that I am not ignorant,
extremist, or blind, nor did I acquire my ideology on my own, studying

I did not have a tutor when I was a student of law and political science,
in which the former is of major importance.  Of course then I was around 20
years old and was fond of sports and mountain climbing.  Without a tutor to
help me in the study of Marxism-Leninism, I was no more than a theorist
and, of course, had total confidence in the Soviet Union.  Lenin's work
violated after 70 years of Revolution.  What a history lesson!  It is safe
to say that it should not take another 70 years before another event like
the Russian Revolution occurs, in order that humanity have another example
of a magnificent social revolution that marked a huge step in the struggle
against colonialism and its inseparable companion, imperialism.

Perhaps, however, the greatest danger hanging over the earth today derives
from the destructive power of modern weaponry which could undermine the
peace of the planet and make human life on earth's surface impossible.

The species would disappear like the dinosaurs disappeared; perhaps there
will be time for new forms of intelligent life, or maybe the sun's heat
will increase until it melts all the planets of the solar system and its
satellites, as many scientists recognize.  If the theories of several of
them, of which we laypeople are not unaware, are true, the practical man
must learn more and adapt to reality.  If the species survives much longer
the future generations will know much more than we do, but first they will
have to solve a huge problem.  How to feed the billions of human beings
whose realities are inevitably at odds with the limits of the drinking
water and natural resources that they need?

Some or perhaps many of you are wondering where is the politics in this
speech.  Believe me I am sad to say it, but the politics is here in these
moderate words.  Let us hope that many of us human beings will concern
ourselves with these realities and not continue as in the times of Adam and
Eve eating forbidden apples.  Who will feed the thirsty people of Africa
with no technology at their disposal, no rain, no reservoirs, no more
underground aquifers except those covered by sands?  We will see what the
governments, just about all of which signed the climate commitments, say.

We must constantly hammer away at these issues and I do not want to
elaborate beyond the essentials.

I shall soon turn 90.  Such an idea would never have occurred to me and it
was never the result of an effort; it was sheer chance.  I will soon be
like everyone else.  Our turn will come, to all of us, but the ideas of the
Cuban communists will remain, as proof that, on this planet, if we work
with fervor and dignity we can produce the material and cultural wealth
that human beings need, and we must fight relentlessly to obtain it.  To
our brothers in Latin America and the world we must convey that the Cuban
people will overcome.

This may be one of the last times that I speak in this room.  I voted for
all the candidates submitted for election by Congress and I appreciate the
invitation and the honor of your listening to me.  I congratulate you all,
and firstly compañero Raúl Castro, for your magnificent effort.
We will march on and perfect what we should perfect, with the utmost
loyalty and united force, like Martí, Maceo, and Gómez, in an unstoppable

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