[Reader-list] Etihas.in video magazine - 6th issue, June 2016

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Etihas.in video magazine - 6th issue, June 2016
We are happy to bring you the sixth issue of Etihas.in, an online video magazine of history, arts and culture of India and South Asia. The full magazine can be seen at http://www.etihas.in/magazine.html 

This June 2016 issue features the following short videos and segments:

1. Raziuddin Aquil: Contrasting Akbar with Aurangzeb (part 1) 
In this first part of a series, Delhi University's history professor Raziuddin Aquil talks about how the popular stereotypes about the Mughal rulers Jalaluddin Akbar and Alamgir Aurangzeb may not be accurate and need to be investigated. 

2. Raziuddin Aqil: Contrasting Akbar with Aurangzeb, Pitfalls of Historical Stereotypes (part 2)
Jalaluddin Akbar is often praised as a king having favoured people from all faiths with his inclusive policies. But, as this interview points out, he may not have been very different from other kings including Aurangzeb in terms of using religion for his statecraft. 

3. Sanskrit sources of India's History - online links: Although it may not have been the most popularly used language due to its socially restricted use in the past, many available texts in Sanskrit are used as source material for investigating and writing our history. We begin by listing here some useful articles, books, archives and resources that might help a student of history. See the list here: http://etihas.in/sanskrit.html

Your suggestions and contributions (in the form of new content) for Etihas.in are welcome. Since Etihas is currently a voluntary effort of a few individuals with no financial support, we would be very glad to receive your support to run this initiative. Please watch and post these videos widely on social media. Please spread news about Etihas among others and subscribe to the online magazine by sending a request to etihaasin at gmail.com  


Etihas team

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