[Reader-list] Call for Proposals: Photobook Grant

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Fri Jun 3 01:18:10 CDT 2016

*Call for proposals: Photojaanic Photobook Grant 2016  *



The Photojaanic Photobook Grant  2016 will support a uniquely told
photo-story, told  through an inter-generational lens. The grant will be
awarded to a duo (example: grandparent/grandchild) of visual storytellers
chronicling a personal history.

Theme 2016:

Grandparents are a treasure of stories and memories. Traditionally, these
stories were passed on from generation to generation orally through
reciting anecdotes (in family gatherings on the dining table and so on).
Modern living may not allow such opportunities. A large part of our culture
is preserved in the  memories of our elderly, the custodians of our
collective memory.

Democratization of camera technology, digital techniques of photographing,
scanning and archiving have enabled these personal memories to be
documented and shared in the forms of photo albums, scrap books or personal
history books.

This grant will provide an opportunity for youngsters to engage with their
history and for their elderly collaborators to re-visit and share their
memories. They can trace their cultural, social or family history. This
grant will support making of such a book.

How to apply


   In not more than 1000 words describe the concept, rationale and expected
   outcome of your project accompanied by 15 relevant images (with title and
   captions) that help describe the project.

   Email your queries and proposals to newvision at photojaanic.com

Important Dates:

Deadline: July 15th, 2016

Results will be announced by the July 30th, 2016

Project Duration: 3 months



   The grant is open to a collaborative team of a student, professional, or
   amateur photographer and  a senior citizen collaborator.

   The grant is open to Indian residents and diaspora.



   INR 25,000

   Design and Print of the photobook
   - Self-Publishing opportunity

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