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Etihas.in video magazine - 7th issue, July 2016

>From a hot and humid Delhi, we are happy to send you the seventh issue of Etihas.in, the online video magazine of history, arts and culture of India and South Asia. The full magazine can be seen at http://www.etihas.in/magazine.html

This July 2016 issue features the following short videos and segments:

1. Asghar Ali Engineer on 'Communalism and Nation-building', Part 1 
'If we teach the wrong kind of history, we'll encounter obstacles in our nation-building', says Asghar Ali Engineer who was a prominent peace activist and scholar who struggled all his life for secularism and communal harmony.

2. Asghar Ali Engineer on 'Communalism and Nation-building', part 2
'This country not getting freedom (from the British) is only India's loss. But not having Hindu-Muslim unity is the entire humanity's loss.' quotes Asghar Ali Engineer from a speech given by Maulana Azad. This video is part of a series of lectures Dr. Engineer gave in Kurukshetra, Haryana, in 2003.

3. Eid Mubarak: Sadia Wahidi reads Urdu poetry on Eid festival
Poets of Urdu language have celebrated the festival of Eid in a variety of ways, sometimes happily, while other times with wit and humour. Sadia Wahidi reads a selection of verses of poets from Dagh Dehlvi and Ghalib to Faiz and Qamar Jalalvi.

4. Eid us pariwash ki: Recitation of Nazm by Abdul Ahad Saaz
'Chand ne sharma ke kaha Eid mubarak…' Sadia Wahidi recites a beautiful poem on Eid by Mumbai poet Abdul Ahad Saaz.

5. King Ashoka: Historical resources online 
Asoka, also known as Ashoka the great, was the third king of the Maurya Dynasty who ruled India from 269 BCE to 232 BCE. Here are some useful links and resources about Ashoka.

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