[Reader-list] urgent action alert for narmada valley for solidarity action

Asit Das asit1917 at gmail.com
Thu Jun 1 06:52:02 CDT 2017

below is the urgent messege from rishit an activist of napm please organise
solodarity programmes and write to the concerned authorities

ust as I am about to pack my bags and join the call for a rally in the
narmada valley, my mind floats to a countless many fighters who are now so
distant from the entire axis of evil (dam, displacement, rehabilitation)

latest update from the narmada valley:

At least 40,000 policemen and women, if needed the army, is on alert and
will be pulled in for forcible eviction of thousands of families whose list
is announced through the extraordinary gazette notification issued by the
Government of M.P., dated 27.05.2017, which is in the public domain,
listing the names of 18,346 families. Various government officials are
continuously moving in the villages threatening and intimidating the
villagers and asking them to leave at whatever cost, mentioning different
dates. Amidst this, the people have risen up, on one hand raising their
voices against the violation of rehabilitation policies as well as court
orders and on the other, people are worried about being homeless and
jobless if such thing occurs. There is no doubt that the government’s plan
is to make every village a battle ground.

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