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Ektara magazine, July 2017

We are happy to bring you a new issue of Ektara magazine on the shared history, arts and culture of India and South Asia. Our aim is to highlight positive stories of our heritage that can help build a more inclusive society. We also support independent documentary films and short videos by highlighting them here. The magazine can be visited at http://ektara.org/magazine

We hope our stories and interviews will entertain and inspire you, and arouse your appetite for more about our rich and diverse pasts. Please subscribe to our youtube channel at http://goo.gl/Camze8

This month’s issue features the following items:

1. Meraj Ahmed Nizami qawwal: Toray bina mohay chayn nahin, Braj ke Nandlala
Ustad (late) Meraj Ahmed Nizami of Dilli gharana and senior qawwal of the dargah of Nizamuddin Aulia performs two short songs here in Hindi: (1) Toray bina mohay chayn nahin, Braj ke Nandlala, and (2) Mosay naina mat modna, mein toray charan lagi re.

2. Kalighat Style of Paintings: online resources
Starting in 18th century, a new school of painting emerged in the Kalighat temple area in Calcutta, and became one of the most popular forms of painting. Here are some useful links about this style - 

3. Featured video: Prof. Bipan Chandra on Mahatma Gandhi
Lecture on "Gandhiji and Struggle against Social Injustice" given by eminent
historian (late) Prof. Bipin Chandra, on the occasion of Mahatma Gandhi's 137th birth anniversary at the Town Hall (Kaisersaal/Römer) at Frankfurt am Main/Germany on October 2, 2006.

4. Ishtihar Tasveeren: Visual Culture of Early Urdu Magazines
A visual essay at Tasveer Ghar, exploring the popular print culture of Urdu magazines in late 19th/early 20th century. Browse the essay here: http://www.tasveerghar.net/cmsdesk/essay/134

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