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Arka Mukhopadhyay arka.mukhopadhyay at gmail.com
Mon Feb 12 12:09:08 CST 2018

Jyothirgamaya Natya Kalari is offering an intensive, immersive laboratory :
Meeting Macbeth - A Walk in the Dark, at a beautiful camp site near
Ramanagaram in Karnataka from March 6th to 11th. This workshop combines an
exploration of the archetypes of Shakespeare, with the practice of yoga and
kalari, wilderness training, and deep research into breath, embodiment and

Macbeth is a tale of titanic archetypes, a tale of terror and hate, and yet
a tale of humanity. It is the story of a man who gained a kingdom, but lost
his soul. A world of uncertainty and nightmare, where all moral
certainties, all our known truths have been turned upside down. The logic
of the waking, everyday world does not hold - it is a world of darkness and
nightmare, of insidious voices and nameless, lurking terrors - a world we
may recognize around us.

How do we confront the monsters lurking in our own depths? What is the
meaning of trust and betrayal? To what extent do we go to feed ambition?
What voices do we choose to listen to? How do we journey through fear and
hatred, to reach courage, and how do we find meaning?

For more details please visit :

To request an application form, write to:
theatreofresonance at gmail.com

Applications and registrations (by paying in full) need to be completed by:
March 1st

Minimum participants: 6
Maximum participants: 12

For more information please reach us at 9831243234 <098312%2043234> (Arka),
9448476683 <094484%2076683> (Sunand), or 9845750966 <098457%2050966>
(Suhit). Email: theatreofresonance at gmail.com.

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