[Urbanstudy] Soliciting Support to Organize Summer Camp of Children of Wastepickers

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Soliciting Support to Organize Summer Camp of Children of Wastepickers

Summer camps at Hasiru Dala are different. Yes, it's a space for hundreds
of children to come together to learn new skills and have fun, but at the
same time it's that time of the year when they make a promise. A promise
they make to each other that they will stay in school, continue their
education and will not drop out at any cost. A promise that will help them
to build a better future for themselves; build a future with choices. You
can help children make and keep this promise.

Children of waste pickers are one of the most marginalized populations of
children under risk in the city. Many of them drop out of school very early
and follow their parents to waste picking, making them prey not only to the
vicious cycle of poverty, but also exposing them to life threatening health
hazards. A few others last in schools till they are about fifteen and then
drift away to do manual work. There are very few children whose parents
persist and complete their schooling. Employment, of course, is another
challenge. In some migrant communities, they prefer not to send their
children to local school with a fear of not knowing the local language.

In most cases the children of waste pickers are first generation school
goers and their parents struggle hard to send them to English Medium
Private Schools, hoping for better quality education. Most of these
mainstream schools, are academic growth oriented, and do little to
encourage the overall development of the children.

Hasiru Dala, over the last three years has been providing loans and
scholarships to hundreds of children, helping them stay in school, or get
them admitted in boarding schools to learn and do well. The organization
has organized and engaged the children in a *Zero Drop Out campaign* where
during the yearly summer camp, the children take a pledge not only to stay
in school, and make sure that their friends don't drop out as well. To this
end, the campaign has been successful, and there has been a steady decrease
in the dropout rates.

*We would like to solicit your support to organize this year’s summer camp
for 500 children of wastepickers. We need INR 150,000 to cover all the
costs of summer. *

Summer Camp will include a visit to Freedom Park, storytelling sessions,
theatre and craft workshop and a pledge taking ceremony, where children
will commit that neither they nor their peers will drop out from school.
The summer camp will complement the existing efforts of scholarships for
children’s education and community library.

Do contribute, our account details are given as follows:

Account Name: Hasiru Dala

Bank: State Bank of Mysore

Account Number: 64132965349

IFSC: SBMY0040217

Please drop an email when you make a donation at this address:
Kabir.postbox at gmail.com, you can also call on +919663427315. You can visit
our website:www.hasirudala.in, www.wastenarratives.com for more details.



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