[Urbanstudy] ‘Cow Manifesto’ for Cow Revolution in India

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‘Cow Manifesto’ for Cow Revolution in India

Prime Minister Narendra Modi with the help of Chief Ministers from cow belt
drafted ‘Cow Manifesto’. The cow manifesto provides for the following
framework for cow revolution in India- and envisions creation of Cow
Republic in India.
- The name of Indian Republic will be changed to ‘*Gau Ganrajya’*– Cow
- The preamble of the constitution will be amended and additions in
amendment will include- ‘We the people of India declare India to be
Sovereign, Socialist, Secular, Democratic Republic of Cows and secure its
citizens, who are primarily cows- Justice, Liberty, Equality and
- Further, cow will be declared as ‘Mother of Nation’. On INR 500 and 2000
notes Gandhi’s pictures will be replaced with cows’ pictures. On other
currency notes, cows’ pictures will be placed next to Gandhi’s picture.
- Cows in pre-vedic times spoke Hindi. Cows gave birth to humans. Cows are
mothers of humanity. Thus, language of cows i.e. Hindi will be the national
language of India.
- For next twenty years, the post of President of Republic will be reserved
for cows. Only cows can become the President of Republic- a largely
ceremonious post.
- To make cow central to India’s constitutional and developmental fabric, a
special ministry for cows, on the lines of Ministry of Women & Child
Welfare and Development, will be created and called Union & State Ministry
of Cows & Calf Welfare and Development. Continued here...



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