[Urbanstudy] Talk on Bangalore, Aug 9 ALF - Land and Justice

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August 9th - A talk by Prof. Michael Goldman on *Just Compensation? The
Politics of Land and Justice in the Global City* - 5.30 pm, Alternative Law
Forum, Bangalore

*Just Compensation? The Politics of Land and Justice in the Global City*

This talk focuses on the popular question of ‘just compensation’ for
farmers displaced by large-scale urban infrastructural projects (airport,
industrial zones, highways), by analyzing the land conversion/displacement
process in peri-urban areas of Bangalore (e.g., airport area and NICE
Road).  My research findings reveal a much more complex terrain of social
power and market transformation than the question of rural equity
suggests.  Each stage of the land conversion process enables a series of
local and transnational actors -- caste based, legislative assembly
members, parastatal agency officials, developers, and more recently, global
private equity firms -- to successfully turn the bureaucratic and
entrepreneurial process of land conversion into lucrative markets that have
little to do with the utility of infrastructure.  Hence, the talk seeks to
demonstrate how systems of land conversion and infrastructure development
are driven by variegated processes of land (and water) assetization,
class/caste dispossession, and more recently, extractive financialization,
which are turning the city into a volatile and conflict-ridden enterprise.

*About the Speaker:*
Michael Goldman is a professor of Sociology and Global Studies at the
University of Minnesota-Twin Cities, and Dr. V.K.R.V. Rao Chair Professor,
Institute for Social and Economic Change, Bangalore.  He is the
editor/author of Political Struggles for the Global Commons (Rutgers
University Press/Pluto Press), Imperial Nature: The World Bank and the
Struggles for Social Justice in the Age of Globalization (Yale U
Press/Orient Blackswan/Kyoto U Press), and a forthcoming book on the making
of global cities.
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