[Urbanstudy] Of my shahar and its stories, or how to love an ‘unloved’ city

Mohd Sayeed mail.mohd.sayeed at gmail.com
Tue Aug 8 04:20:11 CDT 2017

"Cities by virtue of their density and heterogeneity generate a multiplicity of connections, involving varying intensities and different degrees of familiarity. Just as one cannot understand the city in its entirety but through its smallness, for instance, a street, a neighbourhood, a building or a bazaar, we live our lives in the city through its smallness—of relationships, communities and places. Whether we love the city or dislike it strongly, our everyday lives cannot continue without a sense of familiarity, comfort, attachment and/or affection to small places in the city—it could be a room or a corner in your house, a chai ki dukaan where you hang out with friends, the balcony overlooking a Gulmohar tree in a friend’s house, a spot outside your office where you smoke with colleagues, the kiranastore you frequent for groceries, a neighbourhood you feel safe in or something else.”


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