[Urbanstudy] call for application: innovations for waste management in Kochi

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Press Release: call for application for waste management initiatives in Kochi

Swacch Bharat Abhiyan: what about Kochi’s initiatives?

Call for Socio-technical inventions and innovations to solve the waste crisis

 “Bonjour India” (https://www.bonjour-india.in<https://www.bonjour-india.in/>) is an Indo-French partnership program; under the aegis of this program, we have framed a project that we call “waste in the (smart) city”. The project invites applicants to present socio-technical initiatives, inventions and innovations relevant or applicable to waste management in Kochi. The best entry will be awarded prize money of Rs.50,000/- Through this project, Bonjour India aims to generate interest in waste management innovative projects, and initiate an open debate among associations, private entrepreneurs, local communities and the larger public to engage with waste in new ways.

On-going experiences as well as project proposals are accepted. Project at different scales, from household level to the ward level are welcome. Innovative solutions for the Kochi Metro waste management can also be considered. Low cost solutions, as well as inventions relying on smart technology will both be considered. Decentralised innovations allowing a better reduction/segregation/recycling of the waste generated will be particularly appreciated, as also social innovations improving the conditions of waste workers.

Date of application 15th of January2018 – Award ceremony 17th of February.

For more information, download the call for application at : http://trivandrum.afindia.org/events/innovations-competition-waste-in-the-smart-city-kochi/

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