[Urbanstudy] Research Intern requirement for a project on informal technology marketplaces

Onkar Hoysala mail at onkarhoysala.com
Thu Jul 13 07:05:52 CDT 2017

A short-term research Intern is needed for a qualitative study on informal
technology marketplaces conducted at Bangalore, India. The intern will
conduct qualitative interviews and assist with data analysis

   - The primary purpose of this study is to use in-depth, qualitative
   interviews to better understand the technology consumption behavior of low
   income consumers and the role of informal technology marketplaces in their
   purchasing behaviour
   - The study will from mid-July to mid-August.
   - We are looking for a research intern who has prior coursework or
   experience in conducting qualitative research. It would help if the
   candidate also had prior experiencing in analyzing qualitative research.
   - Language proficiency in English, Kannada, and Hindi is essential. It
   helps to know other languages spoken at the marketplace such as Tamil and
   - Graduate training in the social sciences, humanities, social work,
   management, or a related field preferred.
   - The ideal candidate will have a flexible schedule / availability, as
   recruitment and interviewing may occur on weekends and late evenings.
   - Pay will be based on experience.
   - The research intern will have opportunities for publishing papers and
   enhancing his/her training in research methods.
   - All applications must be accompanied by a CV/resume and a cover letter
   explaining your particular interest in this study and prior experience with
   qualitative and other research.

Interested applicants may contact me (mail at onkarhoysala.com) and Priyank
Chandra (prch at umich.edu).

Thanks and regards,
Onkar Hoysala
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