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divya ravindranath divyarrs at gmail.com
Wed Jun 14 23:41:09 CDT 2017

Dear All,

I am Divya Ravindranath, a PhD student at the School of Social Work,
Washington University in St Louis. My dissertation is titled: "Malnutrition
among children of migrant construction workers (Ahmedabad, Gujarat): Status
and perception, Challenges and Policy Gaps."

The study uses a mixed-methods approach to study anthropometric
measurements of children, and qualitatively understand the daily challenges
migrant families encounter in fulfilling the nutritional needs of their
children while living in the city. It also aims to asses various policies
and interventions for migrant families and investigate if they are able to
access the same in the city. In addition, I also seek to interview various
experts in the fields of migration and nutrition (or health) to understand
how they perceive the issues at hand.

My study particularly concentrates on the urban nutritional experiences of
short-distance and short-term migrant children (specifically on
construction sites). In this regard, I would like to get in touch with
others in this group who are working on similar subjects, whether in rural
areas or urban centers. Please do get in touch with me: divyarrs at gmail.com

Look forward to connecting with others.

Warm Regards,

Divya Ravindranath


దివ్య రవీంద్రనాథ్

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