[Urbanstudy] Potential and Perception of Design Value : Interior Design Trends Research

Nidhi Bindal email.nidhibindal at gmail.com
Sun Jun 18 12:02:37 CDT 2017


While I know your work keeps you all very busy, there is a bunch of
academic personalities (like me) who are relatively free.

So we keep on exploring ways to contribute to make industry a better place.
Not only by sending young talent out every year, but by doing something
called Research.


Hum Hi Hum Hai Toh Kya Hum Hai? Tum Hi Tum Ho Toh Kya Tum Ho?

So request you all to contribute a little of your time by filling out a
short survey.


Survey is titled on the aspect of *Perception and Potential* of Value add
via Design in Interior projects.

I need inputs from both Client and Consultants, and hence would request you
all not just to fill it, but also circulate.

The plan ahead is to analyse the cumulative responses to understand the
current trends, and if possible predict some way forward to help the most
important stakeholders of design industry.

We would love to share the results with you after the analysis.

Best Regards,
Nidhi Bindal
email.nidhibindal at gmail.com
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