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*Breathe Fresh with Auzair*
Australian company launches fresh air bottles in India
New Delhi, Delhi, India

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Rev Up with Auzair!


Auzair, a leading Australian firm providing fresh air in stored bottles,
has launched its fresh air bottles in India to help people experience a
healthier life with pure Australian fresh air. The bottle comes in two
sizes - 7.5 Liters and 15 Liters. The price of the fresh air bottle ranges
from INR 1300 to INR 3000. You can buy these fresh air bottles online.

At a time when air pollution in India is rising at an alarming level
causing serious harm to people’s health, and doctors focusing on the
benefits of intake of clean and fresh air, Auzair emerges out as the most
sought after option for individuals looking to nourish their mind, body and
soul with pure and fresh air.

Research has found that India’s worsening air pollution caused 1.1 million
premature deaths in 2015. In the same year, the World Health Organization
(WHO) had labeled Delhi as the most polluted city in the world, surpassing
longtime competitor Beijing. WHO found India home to 13 of the 20 world
cities with the most polluted air.

Auzair’s attempt to bring clean and pure air in stored bottles from
Australia is, therefore, something to cheer about. The idea of having clean
air bottles and cans at hand is very appealing to the India’s growing
middle class who are becoming more worried about the country's poor air
quality. The company expects that India would be a thriving market for pure
and fresh air due to its bad air quality. Especially because of the
convenience of being able to buy these pure air bottles online.

*Mr. Amar Talwar, Auzair’s International Sales and Marketing Director* said,
“Our endeavor is to help people breathe fresh air as air quality in major
Indian metro cities is very poor. We’ve captured the purest quality of
fresh air available to us from some of the most unspoiled and purest places
in the South Pacific. I am confident that people in India are going to
love Australian fresh air feeling. Our products will make a deeper and
healthier impact in people’s lives as they are becoming more worried about
the country’s poor air quality.”

The air has been filled using medically approved processes and the quality
of the air has passed rigorous lab tests proving the air to be pure and
free from pollution. The air has been filled from the Blue Mountains in
Australia where the Air Quality Index is below 25 which is considered very
clean according to the world standards. In India, the Air Quality Index is
as bad as 350 which is considered as hazardous and is prone to serious
health conditions for people living in these areas.

Auzair uses a custom-built machine to collect clean air into disposable
cans. Each can provide around 130 deep breaths by attaching a plastic face
mask to breathe-in the fresh air through the mouth and nose. This product
is perfect for sports enthusiasts, travelers, asthma treatment, nasal
infection and others.

Auzair’s similar products in China became a huge success where people have
been experiencing similar health problems arising from air pollution. The
company is also planning to launch its range of health products in India by
end of this year. It is hopeful that the firm’s business expansion will
further strengthen the Australia-India relations.

*About Auzair*

Auzair is an Australian company, manufacturing canisters of compressed
clean air directly from some of Australia’s most pristine locations. It
provides pure and fresh air bottles to people across the globe,
particularly high polluted countries like China and India. Auzair has
innovative answer to give citizens that live in areas of poor air quality
who require relief from the smog.

The firm is headquartered in Sydney, with offices in India and other
countries with extensive sales network.

For more information please visit https://www.auzair.com.au

For more information, please contact: info at auzair.com.au
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