[Urbanstudy] To walk or not to walk

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Reflections on walking and the city

“Whether the city wants people to walk or whether people like walking in the city, the above ways of walking constitute a tiny fraction of the different modes of walking city dwellers practise—out of necessity, as part of working in the city, for pleasure, for doing chores, as just an everyday way of being, living and getting around in the city.  Some amount of walking even the against-walking types cannot avoid—you have to walk a distance to hail your preferred mode of transportation or to and from the parking lot if you own a car. And there are others—factory workers, domestic helps, municipal sweepers, kudawallas, ragpickers and street vendors—who walk part of the way or all the way to work or walking constitutes an inherent part of their work. There is nothing romantic about these kinds of walking, they involve drudgery and labour, traversing and negotiating the uneven surfaces of the city and its many obstructions and prejudices. Yet these kinds of walking keep the city running, form a part of the landscape of the city (even if sometimes invisibilised due to their ordinariness) and constitute a ‘way of life’. These too make and remake the culture of the city.”

https://chiraghdilli.wordpress.com/2017/05/29/to-walk-or-not-to-walk/ <https://chiraghdilli.wordpress.com/2017/05/29/to-walk-or-not-to-walk/>


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