[Urbanstudy] [IRC18] Internet Researchers' Conference 2018 - Offline | Propose sessions by Nov 19

sumandro mail at ajantriks.net
Thu Nov 9 09:32:51 CST 2017

Dear colleague,

It is our priviledge to announce that the Internet Researchers'
Conference 2018 - Offline will be hosted by the Sambhaavnaa Institute of
Public Policy and Politics.

Sambhaavnaa Institute, located in the village of Kandbari (near
Palampur) in Kangra district of Himachal Pradesh, is an alternative
learning and living space for those concerned with social and political
change. More: http://www.sambhaavnaa.org/about-us/.

Please submit sessions for IRC18 by *Sunday, Nov 19* (final deadline).

For this third edition of the IRC, we are inviting sessions that present
or propose academic, applied, creative, or technical works that explore
social, economic, cultural, political, infrastructural, or aesthetic
dimensions of the *offline*.

All details regarding the session submission and selection process can
be found here: https://cis-india.org/raw/irc18-offline-call.

Please feel free to contact us at raw at cis-india.org for any query about
the Conference.

Warm regards,



Sumandro Chattapadhyay

Research Director
The Centre for Internet and Society

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