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Wed Nov 29 03:46:40 CST 2017

Dear Urban Study group,

Kabadiwalla Connect <https://www.linkedin.com/company/6446042/> is running
multiple surveys on the informal waste stakeholder supply chain in Chennai,
India. The survey includes data collection on waste-pickers, itinerant
buyers, kabadiwallas, middle-men and processors in the informal
supply-chain. The surveys are quite large (the Kabadiwalla survey for
example has about 120 questions) and go through demographics, networks,
materials, ops, pricing etc. Our ambition is to do a census style mapping
of certain stakeholder groups and indicative surveys in particular
geographies of other stakeholders to give one of the clearest pictures of
the informal waste ecosystem. The project is funded under the Global
Partnership for Sustainable Development Data, and work has been progressing
since July 2017. WHAT WE NEED: Someone with serious experience with survey
and analytical rigour - to audit, advice and improve on our current data
collection and analysis effort.  We would like this work to be coupled with
with the actual analysis and visualisation of our data for our reports in a
reproducible way (so an R document or similar would be ideal) Any leads
would be much appreciated! Please write to sid at kabadiwallaconnect.in if

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