[Urbanstudy] 'Museum of the Aadhaar abused' - Fossilised Citizenship - A protest by people denied their entitlements due to Aadhar system

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Subject: Invite- Museum of the Aadhaar abused - Fossilised Citizenship - A
protest by people denied of their entitlements because of the Aaadhar system

Dear Friends,

The Right to Food Karnataka would like to invite you all for -* Museum of
the Aadhaar Abused  *

*Museum of the Aadhaar abused*

*Fossilised Citizenship - A protest by people denied of their entitlements
because of the Aaadhar system*

*6th September 2017, 10.30 AM to 1.00 PM, in front of the Town Hall,

*The Right to Food Campaign - Karnataka *

The historical judgment on Privacy as a fundamental right by the Supreme
Court will hopefully stop the government from employing intrusive means of
profiling people in the name of Aadhaar. An equally important issue is how
Aadhaar has become a tool in the hands of the state to exclude people from
accessing even basic entitlements and services.

Despite repeated court orders, Aadhaar has been linked to every aspect of
people’s lives from school admissions, scholarships, insurance policies to
even monthly rations, TB and HIV drugs, disaster relief and death
certificates. While this forced submission of people into parting their
private data can be challenged using the recent SC judgment, the brazen use
of Aadhar to systemically deny the masses of their basic entitlements is a
matter that is yet to be accepted by the same courts, reminding us of the
class bias of the legal system in India.

Millions of deprived people, most of them who live a hand to mouth
existence in slums and villages are going without food as the Aadhaar
machines at ration shops often fail to recognise the worn down finger
prints of labourers or because of other technical problems. The same issues
prevent them from accessing other life critical and developmental services
like old age, widow and disability pensions, school admissions for
children, scholarship and medical treatment.

The state, instead of plugging leaks, most of which happen at the higher
echelons of administration, is criminalising law abiding citizens of the
country by treating them as suspects instead of citizens. This has
completely skewed the social contract between the state and the citizens
and Aadhaar has become a technological tool of exclusion by a brutally
bureaucratic state. Cases of people deprived because of Aadhaar run into
millions but the government remains in a deliberate state of denial.

The Musuem of the Aadhaar abused is a unique protest by people who are
being denied of their rightful entitlements because of Aadhaar.  As
exhibits for their own cause, the deprived people will highlight why
Aadhaar is proof of the government gone wrong, of how Aadhaar has
fossilised the very idea of citizenship and has become the most intrusive
and discriminatory technology in the world today. The Museum of the Aadhaar
abused will be organised by the Right to Food Campaign – Karnataka with the
demand for Aadhaar to be delinked from all services.  All are welcome.

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