[Urbanstudy] NYTimes: Mexico Has Some Earthquake Lessons for the United States

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The earthquake in Mexico could have killed thousands were it not for the early warning systems out in place after the devastating 1985 earthquake.  

The scathing criticism of Weak responses from US Govt, applies to India as well.

“Scientists say that one of the most important things countries can do, besides improving building standards, is to install a system of sensors and computers that detects and analyzes tremors and issues warnings. Thanks to modern software and telecommunications, such systems can alert people to an earthquake seconds or minutes before the shaking starts, depending on where they are in relation to the epicenter — those further away get a longer heads-up. The warnings, which can be issued through sirens or text messages, may give people just enough time to move away from windows, drop to the ground and take cover. And they allow officials to halt trains, shut off valves in chemical plants, halt delicate medical procedures and take other protective actions.”

Here's a story from The New York Times that I thought you'd find interesting:

Several countries, including Mexico and Japan, have far better warning systems than the United States.


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