[Urbanstudy] Invitation for Informal Workers Narratives 2.0 @Safdar Studio on 18/01/2018

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Working Peoples' Charter invites you to an evening of Informal Workers
Narratives- a discussion on the role played by informal workers in the
making of our cities, the challenges faced by informal workers and the way
they deal with those multiple challenges.

The panel includes representatives from different sectors in the informal

Arun Ravidas - Waste Picker
Animesh Haldar- Rickshaw Driver
Raj Kumari - Street Vendor
Rehana Begum - Rescued Bonded Labour (Former Manual Scavenger)
Shyam Kand - Construction Worker (Painter )
Amarjit - Domestic Worker
Sabina - Home Based Worker

The panel will be moderated by Gautam Bhan (Author and Expert on Urban

Time: 18:45
Venue: Safdar Studio, May Day Bookstore, Near Shadipur Metro Station.

For more details, you can email: kabir.postbox at gmail.com and
workerscharterprocess at gmail.com or call on +919663427315, +919717891696

You can RSVP here <https://www.facebook.com/events/1476658262433321/>



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