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> Someone who wishes to remain anonymous has informed the New York
> Surveillance Camera Players that the group's Winter Solstice performance
> front of a police surveillance camera in Times Square was mentioned on the
> morning of the following day during the National Guard's daily briefing to
> its troops, who are armed, inexperienced in "anti-terrorist" work and yet
> stationed in key locations all over New York City. According to this
> source, whom the SCP-New York considers to totally reliable, the National
> Guard's Tank Division was informed that the group was performing "magic
> spells" in front of surveillance cameras in Times Square; and that the
> National Guard was told 1) don't shoot them, 2) don't arrest them, 3) in
> fact, leave them alone.
> One of the striking features of these instructions is that they
> match what the SCP-New York has long imagined to be the contents of a memo
> circulated within the NYPD around December 1999, at which time the NYPD --
> which had previously stopped each and every one of the group's
> -- suddenly backed off. The NYPD has kept its distance ever since then,
> on several occasions has been seen encouraging private security guards to
> refrain from talking to the group, even informally.
> Since the Winter Solstice performance wasn't publicized in advance,
> since it is unlikely that the National Guard is monitoring the SCP-New
> York's e-mail or being informed of changes made to the SCP-New York's
> website, which was in fact updated shortly after the Winter Solstice
> performance to include a description of it, and since it very unlikely
> the National Guard would pass on to its troops "information" (Internet
> gossip) that hadn't been verified or corroborated -- for all these
> we believe that something like the following must have taken place.
> 1. The NYPD saw the performance in front of their camera as it took place
> (no doubt they taped it, too);
> 2. The NYPD passed this information on to the National Guard, and did so
> very quickly and accurately.
> If this hypothesis is correct, and we see little reason to doubt
> that it is, then we may assume that --
> 1. The cameras installed by the NYPD actually work (they are not "dummies"
> and they are not broken);
> 2. The cameras are being used to watch what's going on beneath and around
> 3. Even though the SCP-New York is obviously "asking for it" -- that is,
> asking to be surveilled by police cameras -- other individuals and groups
> involved in street theater and public demonstrations are also being
> closely by NYPD cameras (several anti-death penalty and anti-war
> demonstrations have recently taken place in Times Square);
> 4. Information gleaned from monitoring these cameras is gathered quickly
> and sent quickly to the unit in the NYPD (no doubt the "Intelligence
> Division," formerly known as "the Red Squad") that is in regular and
> frequent communication with the National Guard;
> 5. The National Guard isn't the only recipient of daily reports from the
> NYPD on matters of "homeland security," and that the FBI and the Office of
> Homeland Security are also "in the loop."
> As performers, as protesters, we find it gratifying that our
> actions -- though they are undertaken (without rehearsal!) by a very small
> group of people -- are being noticed. Perhaps these are the first
> indications that our "magic spells" are working!
> But as citizens, as members of a putatively democratic society, we
> are horrified and appalled by these revelations, for they suggest the
> and thoroughness with which New York City -- and, no doubt, the rest of
> America -- is obviously becoming a military police state.
> Most sincerely,
> Bill, for and with the SCP-New York
> anarcho-situationists against the surveillance of public places
> notbored at panix.com
> 001 212 561 0106
> For more information, see --
> http://www.notbored.org/21dec01.html for our description of the Winter
> Solstice performance
> http://www.notbored.org/8dec99.html for our description of the first
> SCP-New York performance that rather pointedly WASN'T stopped by the NYPD
> http://www.notbored.org/army.html for a suggestion as to why the NYPD have
> backed off or rather who have picked up the slack since then
> http://www.notbored.org/the-scp.html for the SCP-New York's homepage
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