[Reader-list] Delhi: Candle Light Vigil for Restraint and Peace

Harsh Kapoor aiindex at mnet.fr
Mon Sep 17 21:28:16 IST 2001



We are shocked and pained by the recent terrorist violence in the US in
which thousands of innocent people belonging to many nationalities and
religions died. We were equally shocked and pained in the past when some
other countries attacked, bombed or starved thousands of innocent people
in different parts of the world.

Like millions others, we feel this spiral of violence and terrorism of
all kind must stop. But we are horrified to see and hear the language of
war and hatred being used by the US and many other governments.
Preparations seem to be going on for an all out war against nations and
religious groups, even before anyone knows conclusively who was behind
the attacks in the US. As a result of this kind of unrestrained official
reaction, killings of innocent people has already started in the US.

We feel war and retaliatory violence are not the answer to terrorism, as
they have never resolved any conflict. This incident should not be used
as an excuse for increased militarization and more business for the
weapons industry. The Indian Government should also exercise caution and
not commit India to any US initiated military action.

We believe, what we need, at this moment is restraint, reflection and
all round condemnation of violence, terrorism, militarization,
intolerance and hatred.

To express our grief at violence and death and to demand peace we are
organizing a Candle Light Vigil on 19th September at 1730 (5.30 p.m.) at
India Gate (entry from Copernicus Marg side)
[ New Delhi, India]

Do join us with candles, banners and placards on peace, for peace.

Action India, AIDWA, Akhil Bharat Rachnatmak Samaj, Ankur, Anuradha
Chenoy, Association of People's of Asia, Bindia Thapar, Brinda Singh,
Guild of Service, Indian Social Action Forum (INSAF), Jagori, Joint
Womens' Programme, Kali for Women, Kamal Chenoy, Lawyers Collective,
Mahila Chetna Kendra, Muslim Women's Forum, Nirantar,  Nirmala
Deshpande, North East Network,  PEACE,  Radical Humanist Association,
SAHMAT,  South Asian Network of Gender Activists and Trainers (SANGAT),
Women's Coalition for Peace and Development with Dignity, Women's
Initiative for Peace in South Asia (WIPSA),

(These are the organizations and persons who have already expressed
their support for this vigil. Many more are expected to support and

PS: It will be very good if friends in other parts of India and South
Asia can organize similar vigils, preferably on the same day and time.

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