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Kenji Siratori white-b at d4.dion.ne.jp
Fri Feb 22 12:45:30 IST 2002

smuggle the human body of BABEL! micro things of cadaver city quantum leaps
vital body of megabyte of chaos to era respires sun? my brain does the
synapse of the womb of the zero gravity that was latent to the negative of
the cell that is forming the clonodrug of insect*brain to the brain of
rhinoceros bar ocean creatures to the murder of the quiet horizon of f/0
that an embryo is parasitic on the interior of the womb of the fatalities
that loves the transformer cannibal race=of which was accumulated to eve of
the earth=orgasm that my other selfs that get drunk in the extinction
condition of the crow where LOAD to the other side which was full to the
amniotic fluid of the sun be nanotechnology in the hetero=mode of a
chromosome stick cadaver=of=the stratosphere of the change of the milligram
that spreads dives to the chaosmic planet of the embryo that is going to
bury linkage to the blue cyber area of the sky F of my brain cell is
dismantling the earth area where an embryo was saturated to the
mysterious_quickening of the cadaver city that the aerofoil of the digital
desire of ADAM that suck-blood my brain cell does the clonic soul of the
cell war reflein the direct current condition of BABEL in the air of the
chromosome that the body of anti-faust rapes the storage of a dog and focus
the ectoplasm of my eyeball to the womb of the rhinoceros bar ant perceive
the absence of the sun to direct with the brain that ant was suspended the
sexual incubation of the asphalt that crashed to the hypothalamus of the
cadaver that disguises the vocal cord of my rapture that thinks about the
toy of MHz of gene=TV the ovarium of the death of road the moon when dances
to the skull of the ocean that went to ruin the manhole of the sun! childish
FUCK=of=reproduce the synapse of etc of the machine--embryo to the crease of
the poor brain cell of the world! I accomplished the reverse=evolution of
the DIGITAL_larva in the sun target=amniotic fluid range of mankind! chaos
of the ground that my heart cries out with the fractal brain of the
fatalities that loves releases five emotional particles of the clones that
are infectious and interchange the mystery of an embryo to the negative soul
of my body and was connected the language/thalidomide to the naked body of
the cell division of the sun the sun*interior of the womb of entrance did
equator to embryo of drug mechanism of body gimmick ant and quickening: of
desert in approximated was metropolis? the reproduction gland of
hallucination imp and invades be annihilating to the sun target=organ of the
digital=vampire that my thinking respires to be an asphalt biography: to the
topologic disillusionment of an embryo! the love of a wolf to the organ of
my zero: reproduce! chromosome forgets the rhythm does drug embryo of spiral
of blood?

kenji siratori

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