[Reader-list] Koha 2.2.3 (GPLed Integrated Library Mgmt System) LiveCD published

indradg at icbic.com indradg at icbic.com
Wed Jun 29 10:32:44 IST 2005

Hi all,

L2C2 Technologies (www.l2c2.org) has published a LiveCD featuring the latest
version (2.2.3) of Koha (http://www.koha.org)  - The World's first Opensource
Integrated Library System (ILS). It can be freely downloaded from Koha's
Sourceforge site.

The download URL is :

About the Koha LiveCD
The Koha Live CD is designed to provide the potential user with a "feel" of
Koha is like, without requiring the user to actually install anything in the
computer's hard disk. To use the CD, one has to simply put it in one's CD-ROM
drive, and reboot. A fully featured version of Linux loads off the CD-ROM and
one can easily check out and play around with Koha via the Mozilla Firefox web
browser provided in the Linux desktop environment that starts up.

The CD comes with a sample dataset of about 1000 titles to enable the users to
get a feel of the day-to-day operations. For example, one can create a new user
and try out the circulation module which supports keyboard-wedge style barcode
readers .

The core components inside the Koha Live CD (version 1.0), all of which work
together to provide the ultimate end user with the experience of Koha are:

    * Koha (version 2.2.3)
    * Apache HTTP Server (version 2.0.53) with mod_perl support
    * Perl  (version 5.8.4)
    * MySQL (version 4.1.10a)
    * XFCE4 Desktop Environment (version 4.1.10a)
    * Mozilla Firefox Web Browser (version 1.0.2)
    * Kbarcode barcode generation software (version 1.8.0)
    * GLabels label designer (version 2.0.1)

With best regards,
Indranil Das Gupta,
Chief Technology Architect
L2C2 Technologies

E-Mail: indradg at l2c2.org
Phone : (0)-98300-20971

         L2C2 Technologies
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