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Tue Jun 28 15:51:20 IST 2005

Attn.: Arvind Lodaya
Someone brought to my attention your WEB article.
I am puzzled by your comments.
You seem to ignore the fact that Shivaji is a symbol of Freedom worldwide!  
City of San Jose has installed a statue of Shivaji in one of their  gardens.
It is worth your while one book a month on India's History. It will shed  
some light to you.
Please note Mumbai was made up of seven islands. It was filled by hard  labor 
of native Marathi people before EIC shifted it's HQ from Surat to Mumbai.  
They were traders & they changed the demography of Mumbai by shifting the  
population of Zaveri (Gujarati) & Parsee from Surat & Billimora since  they wanted 
to sell Gold ingots to Zaveri & use Teak wood of Dang Forrest to  build war 
ships with the help of Wadia & hard labor of Marathi people. 
Morarji Desai then CM of Bombay had issued "Shoot on Site" orders to kill  
marathi people & he did cause death of innocent people since police did kill  
107 marathi people! Is this Gandhian notion of nonviolence practiced by jesuit  
Wilson college educated Morarji ? Was it democracy?
Do you want me continue educating? It is time out for you to withdraw your  
article from the internet since it reflects very badly on a mis-guided  soul!
I think there are plenty of books to read on this  subject.
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