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Aman Sethi aman.am at gmail.com
Wed Apr 5 14:02:24 IST 2006

Dear all,

Found this on the Worldbank Website - under the section on "promoting reform"

Tanzanian Privatisation Song
The lyrics were written by ASI's Steve Masty and Capt John Komba, then
translated into Kiswahili by John Komba, who together with his band
recorded the song. The translation provided here is pretty general.

    The world is getting smaller.

    Where different peoples were strangers now they are friends or partners.

    In our villages we only succeed through cooperation, and in the
world we only succeed through cooperation.

    We need people with great ideas. We need people who work hard. We
need people willing to invest in the future. No one can be left
behind, we need everyone in order to succeed.

    Government people and business people, Tanzanians and foreigners,
are like four legs of a table at which our children will one day

    Young plants need rain, businesses need investment. Our old
industries are like dry crops and privatisation brings the rain. When
the harvest comes, there is plenty for everyone.

    Privatisation makes a team. The people are on the team, working in
new jobs and buying shares in their own future. Investors are on the
team, risking everything they own and betting that we can succeed.
Government is on the team, the referee who keeps everything fair, the
old man we can trust.

    Electricity to light our homes. Safe water for our families to
drink. Telephones to call our loved ones far away. Ports and railways
to bring us wonderful things, and to sell our goods to the world. We
need these things. Our children need these things. Privatisation will
provide them.

    When people come here with new ideas, God blesses Tanzania. When
people invest in our nation's future, God blesses Tanzania. When we
work hard, when we give our children a better life, God blesses
Tanzania. God bless Tanzania.

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