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We would like to invite you for the Pol  Khol Yatra being organized by
the Narmada Bachao Andolan from April 25th – 27th in the submergence
villages of the Sardar Sarovar Project.  The aim of the yatra is to
reveal the truth of 'rehabilitation' of the dam displaced in the
narmada valley and will involve travel to the villages, river,
participating in the displaced peoples meetings and struggles.

Kindly see appended more information about this program and we wish
that you participate in solidarity with this program. You can reach on
25th morning at Indore and can plan to leave back on 27th night or
28th morning.

Pls give a confirmation about your arrival


Maju Varghese

Mumbai Support Group


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21 April,2006.

Pol-Khol yatra in the Narmada Valley:

25 to 27 April: From Indore to 'tribal and farmers' villages in Narmada Valley.

After the 30 days sit-in and fast by the Narmada Bachao Andolan
activists in the capital, a new chapter has been opened in respect of
Sardar Sarovar Dam. The movement has raised the issue of the
displacement and the environmental damage due to the dam. For the last
20 years, it has questioned all the illegal decisions by the
Government through a strong mass movement. It has brought to light,
the true story of the Narmada Valley. The decision to increase the
height of the dam from 110.64 meters to 122 meters has proved to be
the death sentence for the tribals, the farmers and people residing in
the valley. This called for a strong protest which was joined by all
from various people's movements all over the country, students,
teachers, the sensitive among the artist community to the lay person
on the street, they who have offered their help, participation and
backing. This makes it clear that the darker side of development has
come to the light in front of right thinking, sensitive and selfless
elements of the community. That is why they are now bent upon not only
saving the Narmada Valley but also question the anti-democratic,
non-scientific process going on in the country in the name of
development and based on grossly misleading facts. People are now
reacting strongly to the situation. It is now necessary to take some
solid steps. The Narmada struggle is a symbol of the same reaction. 
Its a question of debate as to what is the truth and what is only a

This can be asked in respect of all the issues in connection with
Sardar Sarovar. During the protest in Delhi, various reports by the
state as well as Central Governments, figures and affidavits, the
experiences of the displaced and the agitators have come to the light
in front of the country as well as the whole world. All the three
Governments concerned have to submit their affidavits regarding
applications submitted by 48 displaced families, to the Supreme Court
within a week's time. The reactions of the displaced on the affidavits
will be a heard in the court on the first of May. The court has
already said that the Prime Minister is free to take any decision or
intervene in the matter wherever he feels necessary. At the same time,
the court has made it clear that if the rehabilitation of all the
oustees upto the 122 meters is not done in letter and spirit of the
Narmada Tribunal award, then the work of the dam can be stopped.

The Narmada Movement has now declared a Pol-Khol Abhiyan (reveal the
truth campaign). We will go on bringing to the fore, each and every
aspect of the Sardar Sarovar story. The social as well as
environmental losses, compensation as also the real side of the
exaggerated and beautifully painted picture about the profits also has
to be revealed. Those of our brothers and sisters who have been termed
as outsiders while they are actually displaced in thousands have to be
met in person. It has become necessary to reveal the real faces of all
those who make baseless accusations on us of accepting foreign funds.
We have to move in this direction on different fronts taking with us,
the like-minded. One of the main programs in this direction will be
the Pol-Khol Yatra: 25 to 27th April.

You are cordially invited for this Yatra. All the friends, co-workers,
youth, students, members of various people's movements, those
displaced due to various projects, labourers, tribals, dalits,
sensitive citizens, artists, journalists and media persons are
welcome. We invite you to the valley. Verify the truth, find out and
see for yourselves, the Government corruption and the atrocities,
contempt of court as also the game in the name of democracy.  You may
reach Indore in the morning of 25th April. Please let us know the
route and the time of your arrival. There will be a meeting at Indore
between 10 a.m. and 12 noon and the 'Yatra' will proceed to the valley
straight from there. During the three days, the Yatra will visit
villages, settlements and see first hand, the Government's working
style and also listen to the profit and loss story.

There will be answers to each and every question raised on each aspect
of the Narmada Movement, its working, its resources. Your presence is
necessary for raising the issue in front of the Government. Come and
see the region which is either already submerged or about to be
submerged; the generations old culture and the picturesque

You may return on 27th night or 28th morning from Baroda, Indore or
Khandwa. Your participation is utmost necessary now after your
important participation and contribution on this occasion. There will
be welcome in villages, overnight stay in the farmers' houses, visits
to tribal villages on the banks of the river, tribal dances and travel
through the boats in the river followed by a long march in Badwani and
a torch rally. On one side are those administrators who are bent upon
destruction in the valley and going ahead with the dam while on the
other side are the lively villages and communities and the rich
valley. This picture is incomplete without your presence.

Your strong intervention is necessary this time to stop the
destruction without resettlement. Please come and bring others along.

Waiting for you,

Mohanbhai Patidar, Swapna Kanera, Kamala Yadav, Medha Patkar, Ashish
Mandloi, Omprakash Yadav, Hirdaram Bharud, Chandubhai, Kailash Awasthi

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