[Reader-list] Communalisation by Media

roger das rgdj12 at yahoo.com
Sat Aug 5 14:56:25 IST 2006

  In this communal driven country even media is running on the path of partiality especially when it the question of Indian Muslims ahcievement arises. yesterday it was the birth anniversary of wonderful  singer-actor Kishore Kumar and eevery news channels, hindi and bengali, aired nice programme on the late singer. It was good to have such programme in the midst of these political drama that happens everyday. And on 30th July NDTV carried an hour programme on S.D.Burman, the famous music composer, to celebrate his anniversary. But sad to say that media has sidelined the death or birth anniversary of the legend versatile singer, Md. Rafi. I was desparately switching the channels to watch some programme on the death anniversary of Md. Rafi, on 31st july but in vain. No news channels even bother to carry just a spot on him. certainly only one inference comes out of it and that is the religion. Being a devout msulim Md. Rafi has not given due respect in media whereas singers
 and music composers, his contemporaries and juniors noticed on television in some way or other just because they are non-muslims. I have not seen any especial coverage of any Indian Muslim dignatories of any field. This established a fact that almost all the media are owned by upper caste hindu groups and managed by hindus who least bother to consider Indian Muslim acheievers as real treasures of the country. Thus it create new and deep rift between Muslim and hindu, it is very unfortunate that media is also running on the path of communalism and favouring non-muslims. Hope this letter will find place in your esteemed newspaper. 

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