[Reader-list] Police firing in Andhra Pradesh

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There wasn't much to say on that. Some people are considering it as a family 
affair to be sorted out with in the family, there are some who are calling 
it as a "friendly fire".
I know what happened here was as bad as Nandi Gram. But the list was 
completely silent is not a fact. there were some mails on the issue, 
including yours. I am pasting the contents of one of them.

Yet another example of state sponsored terrorism.
But interestingly, may be ironically, Renuka Chaudhary, the MP from Khammam 
said the same thing as did CPIM about incidents in Singur and Nandi Gram.
According to her there were Nuxalites present on the site and they were 
responsible for the violence.
I don't think the life of 5 6 activists matters to CPIM high command when 
some positive action might lead to the loss of power in the center.
all said and done, what happened was really unfortunate and inexcusable. 
Reader list may appear to be silent, it is not that CPIM is making much 

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> You all are aware about the police firing in Mudigonda in Khammam district
> of Andhra Pradesh which killed six people. I am surprised on the silence 
> on
> the reader list which had series of debates and discussions and 
> informations
> about the Nandigram incident (though the entire episode was totally
> overlooked by many on the list). I don't doubt the emotional and political
> levels of the people around, but it is certainly disappointing to see such
> silence.
> I hope we will be able to respond to the happenings around us in more
> responsible manner and without being selective about the victims.
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