[Reader-list] Dreams Shattered : "Fanatics" of Aazadi did it all...

Aditya Raj Kaul adityarajkaul at gmail.com
Tue Aug 28 22:38:47 IST 2007

My 5 storey home was burned, looted and devastated but terrorists in early
hours of July 1996. It had in it years of experience and work of my great
grand father Master Samsar Chand Kaul who was the first ornithologist of
Asia. We lived in Motiyar, Rainawari. The dark and violent night of 19th
Jan. 1990 cannot be forgotten...exodus is what happened...

...untill one day we will return to our homes. I will see my land and kiss
it in Motiyar, Rainawari where I was born and then kicked out. I would play
on the land outside Vital Bhairava Mandir in Rainawari where our holy tree
has been cut by the Islamic fanatics.

I have never seen the land I belong to; but every night my lord takes me to
the heaven where I belong to and I cry siletly till the night ends and so
does my journey which I look upto every-night.

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