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Kath O'Donnell aliak77 at gmail.com
Wed Sep 2 13:08:29 IST 2009

(resending + added comments - as I'm having problems changing my email
address on this list so I think the previous msg bounced)

I googled the quote and I don't think this is an accurate quote from the
prime minister (current or previous) I can't imagine any PM saying anything
as racist as was written in the message..

there's a snopes page for it too :

apparently it was an email circling in 2008 & had been published as
(citizen) reader comments in a couple of newspapers - not an official
& had been posted on various message boards since 2005. eg:

2009/9/2 Kath O'Donnell <aliak77 at gmail.com>

> hi bipin, do you have the source link for this? I haven't seen this yet.
> thanks
> kath
> 2009/9/2 bipin <aliens at dataone.in>
>> Prime Minister  Kevin  Rudd  - Australia
>> Muslims  who want to live under Islamic Sharia law were told on  Wednesday
>> to get out of Australia , as the government  targeted radicals in a bid to
>> head off potential terror  attacks..


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