[Reader-list] Heights of offensive Ads

subhrodip sengupta sub_sengupta at yahoo.co.in
Thu Sep 17 22:29:48 IST 2009

Nothing criminal against anybody. Tata Indicom's ad. For new generation's people. Depicts a maid saying I carry Shiney's number. Yes shiny got attracted to Female maids in general, not necessarily the woman wom he raped or at least seduced. I find Tata Indicom's Photon Ad objectionable. Even they know it'd be pull out but tey tink it'll generate a fashion satement and increase revenue. That's were I' concerned too, not that they said such n suuch, about a sensitive issue, but that people shall listen, smile and remember them for it.  Plz forward is message o as many friends. We should try n protect he dignity of people even our maids. Does city culture portray every one as offensive and exisence but a burden? Why did e creative head think of marketing this, afer gossip channels and radio, wo have gone unnoticed making offensive comments. Maybe.

ealing ourselves take time, to begin wit proximal bit's to do ell with Tata's Ad.

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