[Reader-list] Recent Judgement regaring dyslexia ( check out TOI, PTI)

subhrodip sengupta sub_sengupta at yahoo.co.in
Fri Mar 19 22:02:31 IST 2010

Just check the links. I doubt if anyone had serious Interests here but a few.
Interesting issues on a latest Supreme Court Judgement in Jain vs. CBSE.


Rajesh is a teaching trainee, when he gets his hands on; he'll realise that not only the entire system, despite so many incentives is uninterested but also tries to protect itself. Just wondering why after so many years of IITS we really need more IIT's.  Most teachers for example, like doctors however irked, and however enlightened wouldn't dare to breach trust and stand out.  Saying this I'd point that I had very good ones. In such a competition neither Humanity exists, nor rationality. 
Another plight for a strange species, but a rather strong one.

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